AGRIMAXFACTOR by BKT - BKT tractor Tires


Improved Tread: Better road grip and reduced rolling resistance.
Enhanced Comfort: Quieter cabin, 5% larger contact area.
Stability & Safety: Strong casing, excellent wet surface braking.
Eco-Friendly: "E-READY" logo, supporting electric mobility.





AT 621 - BKT industrial Tires


AT 621AT 621: Superior Performance for Loaders

Versatile Use: Ideal for backhoe loaders and compact loaders in agriculture operations.
Exceptional Durability: Extra deep tread for cut and chip resistance, ensuring long lifespan.
Self-Cleaning: Efficient self-cleaning properties for uninterrupted performance.
Tailored Options: Available in various versions to meet diverse user needs.




EARTHMAX SR 25 PLUS (G-2/L-2)  - BKT Tires for construction

EARTHMAX SR 25 PLUS: Robust Construction Tire

Heavy-Duty Design: All Steel radial tire built for motor graders and loaders in tough construction and mining sites.
Optimal Performance: Non-directional tread for superior self-cleaning, traction, and off-road stability.
Rugged Reliability: Specially designed for severe road construction and mining applications.






EARTHMAX SR 45 M: Rugged Tire for Haul Trucks -  BKT industrial Tires

Specialized Design: All Steel radial tire crafted for rigid haul trucks.
Optimal Traction: Provides excellent traction, ideal for long haul operations.
Robust Performance: Specially designed for durability and reliability in challenging haulage tasks.







AT 625: Farming Powerhouse Tire - BKT agricultural Tires

Versatile Use: Designed for backhoe loaders and compact loaders in farming operations.
Enhanced Durability: Extra deep tread for increased puncture resistance and long-lasting performance.
Superior Traction: Excellent grip and stability for efficient digging and loading tasks.
Cut and Chip Resistance: Improved resistance against cuts and chips, ensuring longevity.






MAGLIFT PREMIUM: Heavy-Duty Solid Tire -  BKT industrial Tires

Specialized Design: For heavy forklifts in port, mining, and scrap yard operations.
Extra Deep Tread: 25% more than standard version, offering exceptional front and lateral traction.
Robust Performance: Aggressive pattern for superior steering control, high cut, and chip resistance.
Extended Lifespan: Unique compound for durability, leading to a longer tire life-cycle.
Efficiency: Low rolling resistance and smooth run for optimal performance.






MULTIMAX MP 519 BKT industrial Tires



MULTIMAX MP 519: Efficient Light Truck Tire

Versatile Application: Ideal for light trucks in various transport tasks.
High-Speed Stability: Steel-belted casing ensures excellent stability at speeds up to 90 km/h (60 mph).
Fuel Efficiency: Low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption, enhancing efficiency.




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