Primary Tractor Types

Agricultural (R1) Tractor Tyres-  Agricultural tractor tyres are specifically designed to work along with tractor models that are built for farming purposes. This category of tractor tyres is resistant to wear and tear and has deep tread patterns that offer good traction, which is important for landscaping in hilly areas. These types of tyres are also designed to be used on soft surfaces such as grass, mud, and soil.


Rice/Cane (R2) Tyres - R2 tyres or Rice & Cane, Paddle, or Spade tyres are tractor tyres specifically designed to operate tractors in extremely wet or sticky soil conditions. They have a very deep tread pattern.


Turf (R3) Tractor Tyres - Turf tractor tyres have a tread pattern that is somewhere between the tread pattern of agricultural and industrial tractor tyres, therefore, they can be used on both soft and hard surfaces. This type of tractor tyres is resistant to wear and tear and is best suited for golf courses, lawns, and other similar terrains. These tyres are not suitable for working in wet surface conditions, however, it still provides excellent traction in tough dry conditions.


Industrial (R4) Tractor Tyres - Industrial tractor tyres are designed for tractors that are used for construction and industrial applications. This category of tractor tyres has a smooth tread pattern which offers good traction on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. This type of tractor tyre is also resistant to punctures and cuts.


Galaxy pro tyres - Galaxy pro tyres are specifically designed for gardening and farming purposes in vineyards and orchards. This category of tractor tyres is comparatively smaller than the aforementioned tractor tyres, however, they provide good traction and pace in narrow lanes. These tyres are lightweight and have block tread patterns which offer great grip in narrow lanes, a low rate of wear and tear, and good floatation. These tyres allow farmers the ability to manoeuvre the tractor swiftly in a short radius.




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