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Usage/Application -        IFG GUN
Vehicle Type -                IFG GUN
Brand -                           MRF
Size -                              9.00-16
Tyre Type -                     SOLID
Play Rating -                  10 PR
Pattern -                         NON DIRECTIONAL MUD AND SNOW (NDMS)
ITEM -                            9.00-16 (Flat Bead) NDMS N10
Country of Origin -         Made in India







Ceat FM Super 10.00-20 Tube-Type Truck Tyre


Brand -                    Ceat
Seasons Year -       Round
Size -                      10.00-20
Section Width -       255 Millimetres
Rim Width -            10 Inches


Bridgestone Truck & Bus Tyres, Cargo dump/ Bulker M851 XM


 Recommended Sectors-

People Transport, FMCG, Pharma, Perishables, E-Comm, General Goods, Petrochemicals, Gas, Milk, Cement bags etc.

- Square Shoulder Design ensures contact pressure is evenly distributed, hence reduces Irregular   Wear and increases tyre Life.

- Dual nylon chafers ensure better retreadability.

- Special Tread Compound for better Cut/ Chip Resistance



Bridgestone -Truck & Bus Tyres Cargo dump/ Bulker -M751 HL



  Recommended Sectors-

  Sand, brick, mining materials, general goods, cement bags, loose cement, concrete,  
 - Reinforced bead for Extra Load Carrying capacity and Durability.

 - Hexagonal Block Structure helps in better resistance to irregular wear,  

 - Wider and Deeper Tread helps to achieve better tread contact area resulting in Longer Tyre Life.






 Truck & Bus Tyres Intercity Bus/ City Bus- G611


 Recommended Sectors-

 People Transport, FMCG, Pharma, Perishable, E-comm, General Goods, Petrochemicals, Gas,   Milk, Cement Bags, Loose Cement

 - Special LRR Compound helps in reducing heat generation, resulting in Extra Tyre Life and

 Fuel  Efficiency.
 - Better Irregular Wear Resistance due to Strong Shoulder construction which distributes

 contact  pressure evenly.
 - Multistriped tread pattern provides excellent resistance to Wet Skidding.





Regional Transport


 Long Distance Transport




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